Friday, March 17, 2006

this 'n' that

From Night After Night's brilliant report on Braxton @ Iridium: "the Iridium run marks the conclusion of Braxton's GTM compositional activities. After this, [Halvorson] reported, he intends to move into electronics and video."

"What do you carry away from an avalanche besides awe?": John Coltrane in 1966.

Christina Channels Billie Holiday: Pop diva Aguilera, with DJ Premier, returns with a horn-studded jazz sound
I blame Herbie.

Zoilus on parenting: "I began to wonder if parents now consider Googlability when they name their kids."
As an as yet childless bearer of a highly Googlable name (Mwanji leads directly to me, but on Ezana I must bow before the respectable early Christian Ethiopian ruler), I feel particularly concerned by this issue.

None of that "we're all really great friends, honest" stuff for Massive Attack: "it becomes gradually apparent that Massive Attack don't work in the same way as most bands. In fact Marshall and Del Naja barely see each other, let alone record in the same studio. 'I haven't worked with 3D for six or seven years now,' Marshall says. 'We don't like each other very much.'"

The second column of this interview is great: "I'm a bit weird and they think I'm being sarcastic when I'm actually being sincere." Granted, it's boilerplate "look at me" pop starlet interview statement. But then she goes on to prove it.