Thursday, March 16, 2006

silent yet springing

I'm increasingly finding myself eating my words (and maybe even my hat) on Nathalie Loriers (I trace my change of heart back to this duo concert). Last night I listened to De Werf's reissue of 1999's Silent Spring, a very good album, 9 tracks, most under 6 minutes yet each one a complete statement. The standout was "Continuum," which employs a low-key ostinato and misterioso harmonies to create a dark-yet-open landscape. I don't always find her improvising compelling, but there are more than enough highlights to make up for that, such as the way bass and melody lines move in relation to each other, on "Novecento," for example.

I recently turned down an offer to be part of a jury for a "young jazz talents" competition. Partly because I wouldn't have been able to make the pre-selection meeting, but mainly because I don't feel credible in that role, at least not yet. Loriers will be presiding and I don't see how my opinion can be taken seriously next to hers...