Tuesday, March 14, 2006

quotables, quoted

"Everyone wanted me to do a straight-ahead album, but that’s like meeting a woman and trying to be like her last boyfriend." - Christian Scott via Doug Ramsey

"On entre en jazz, souvent, comme en religion (One often enters jazz like one enters religion.)" - Marc Moulin via Jazzques

"Finding people who say they love jazz is relatively easy."
"a jazz kudocast"
"Award, named the Louie"
- all via Variety

"It was always fun to be going into the studio, to see what songs you had around and choose the best, the two that worked together as a package and put them out within six weeks. The internet is the closest you can get now"
"I tend to take out verses and choruses and middle-eights so the songs always become more and more concentrated. After you've said everything in a song, it's pointless hanging around until people get bored."
- The Buzzcocks via The Independent

"The UK hip-hop producer Charlie Parker"
"Because this is Glyndebourne and they're trying to do something that would be perceived as trendy, there's a tendency to laugh at it."
Well, that's what happens when you call something a "Hip H'Opera."
- it all goes pear-shaped when Hip-hop meets Mozart