Friday, March 31, 2006


Interesting flute-for-multi-reedists comment by VisionSong:

"As anyone who either plays or writes for a multi-reed players knows, you can never play another reed instrument and expect to have a pure, "legit" flute sound. There’s something about playing with a sax/clarinet embochure that makes even the world’s best doublers, spectacular players in every way, have a certain breathy imperfection in their flute sound that a discriminating listener can hear."

I think I see what he means by "breathy imperfection," but I always simply assumed that to be the "jazz flute sound," what you need to do to be funky on the instrument, like Rahsaan Roland Kirk. Then, thinking about those who only play flute (Nicole Mitchell, Magic Malik), they have this full, silvery and lithe quality to their sound which is probably somewhere halfway between legit and RRK. I guess it's like the difference between a tenor player who doubles on soprano and, say, Steve Lacy.

Speaking of flutists, those of you who like James Newton's "Axum" or simply want to hear overdubbed solo flutes should check out Dominique Bouzon, if only to hear the the amazing 3-meter-long octobass flute. Both of her records are excellent.