Tuesday, March 28, 2006

articles of interest

Musicians Still Hear Paris' Call
Johnny Griffin and Rick Margitza, the past and present of saxophonistic expatriation.

While you're there, compare Don Heckman's ICP Orchestra review ("little more than musical chaos... solos took off into unrelated, uninteresting musical space... the ensemble's limited formal jazz skills... no real sense of dynamic swing") with Nate Chinen's ("Coordinated ensemble figures cropped up unexpectedly, hinting at a secret discipline and a fondness for bygone jazz styles").

Gentle Giant
Assif Tsahar on Yusef Lateef. [via erg and Don't Explain]

A savaging of Jason Moran's "Soundtrack to Human Emotion"
Notable for repeatedly calling Moran "Mason," the Vonnegutian repetition of "Permit me" and the final declaration: "This is apocalyptic!" I haven't heard this album, but it strikes me as a rather harsh assessment of a debut.