Tuesday, March 28, 2006

citizen jazz update (belated)

Brad Mehldau : nouveau trio, nouvelle perspective
A concert review in which I try to map the pianist's evolution in regards to clichés often attributed to him earlier. I've seen Mehldau five times over 6 years (twice solo, thrice in trio) and this was the best concert of the lot. I think the article's more-than-a-concert-review pretensions work pretty well. Then there's a bit about the VVG Trio tacked on. They're releasing their highly-anticipated sophomore album next month.

Phil Abraham - K.Fée Live
The first live release from this excellent club is a low-key old standards affair. Decent, but a bit too low-key to be really ear-grabbing. One of those reviews that can get banged out really quickly, as the merest description and the tracklist is enough to get the gist of the music.