Sunday, March 05, 2006

eurovision - ter

I've just put this on YouTube: Telex's classic 1980 Eurovision entry. Belgium ended last, but first in our hearts, 'til this day. I guess the public wasn't ready for an absurdist meta-Eurovision song (or just incredibly self-unaware: didn't they realise they were confirming Telex's point when this won four years later? Check out the footwork!). Far better than "Waterloo," if you ask me. That piano run sounds like Daft Punk, and check out the obligatory modulation at the end of the song that occurs during the run.

Incidentally, Telex have just reformed and released a new album. And here's another song that's better than "Waterloo:" "Poupée de cire, poupée de son." Sure the singer (is it Françoise Hardy? helen comments that it was France Gall, of course. Coincidentally, you can consider this my tribute to Serge Gainsbourg, who died 15 years and 3 days ago.) isn't great, but Serge Gainsbourg's music is awesome, as is the descending melodic line and the perfect strings + driving drums combo.

Hey, even Kate Ryan is up there. And all things tagged Eurovision.