Tuesday, September 14, 2004

a sitcom for us

I'll be watching.

The pitch is; Steptoe and Son but in a recording studio. Two deadbeat guys who run a cheap recording studio beneath a railway station in outer London. Each episode will feature a no hope band desperately trying to emulate some successful band of the moment. Our heroes will attempt to cope with their awful music and personalities and much hilarity will ensue. The program will begin with the stars opening up the studio in the freezing cold, and will end with the song the fictional band have been recording.

and later

So far I've come up with Cheaper Sounds as the name for my as yet unwritten sitcom. Bit of back story too: the two protagonists are ex musicians from the Eighties and are always trying to get the bass players of the bands to "play like Mark King of Level 42". Of course, I'll be writing all the songs (I love a context I do)