Saturday, September 11, 2004

be.horror #1 &

Forgot to mention:

- Funny/irritating pudgy inoffensiveness of Prince Philippe, sub-Di-ness of wife Mathilde, wiping her eyes as little Elisabeth goes off to her first day at school (must admit that Elisabeth is pretty cute).

- One of the great losses since January 2002 as far as be.jazz is concerned is that of Adolphe Sax's face from the old 200 Belgian franc bill. Now, good old King Baudouin casts a sidelong gaze, sole-like, out of every coin. The non-commital imaginary monument bullshit on the bills is the same as everywhere else.

- The stone'n'dust paths in the Royal Park (opposite the Palace), which frame patches of grass. Yes, I really want to walk on dust that swirls up at the slightest wind. Cheap bastards.

- Leopold II. More on him later.