Wednesday, September 22, 2004

"She says she's a rapper but she's really a two-bit whore... You need no skills today to pass/Don't have to rap, just shake some ass" - Luvpark

"I'm a bad-ass stripper in the Escalade/Jump out the truck I'm in Saint Tropez" - Jentina

"It's all right to sample, it may even be a hit/But every now and then could you write your own shit?" - Luvpark

"It's been a long time/I shouldn't have left you/Without a dope beat to step to" - Timbaland

"Hello, it's Cole Porter. Could you leave my songs alone? Gershwin says he wants his changes back, too." - imaginary

"Perhaps most shameless though... is the way [Jay-Z] has liberally endorsed what was originally considered (and still is to most MCs and producers) the greatest crime against hip-hop culture and your fellow artists: biting, of both beats and rhymes." - Stefan Braidwood

"New beats, never recycle" - The Fugees

"a gloriously over-the-top keyboard compendium of B-series sci-fi FX" - me on Luvpark

Not mentioned in review: saxophonist Ralph Bowen plays some nice stuff.