Friday, September 17, 2004


Tim prefers the first name-less Mr. Sark, but he would, being English, and Sark being every English public school boy's (and girl's?) dream (not implying that Tim went to a public school).

Gotta love the pairings:

Jack Bristow/Arvin Sloane: different only in their megalomania. At this point, is it even possible to consider Jack a "good guy?" Whoever it is that plays Sloane has a fantastic way of displaying Sloane's aura of self-satisfied evil: how he loves asking Sidney to regain her trust, or now working for the CIA, while clearly flaunting his joy at plotting and setting up his next move, patient as ever ("30-year odessey," the CIA thinks 2 years have changed anything?).

Sidney Bristow/Mr. Sark: Again, potentially two sides of the same coin, although the moral difference between them is still much bigger than that between Bristow Sr. and Sloane. "My loyalties are flexible" vs. bend the rules/yell at superiors whenever necessary. Has Sidney ever managed to beat Sark in a fight? I don't think so.

Dixon has unfortunately joined the ranks of the Black sergeants... Given institutional power but neutered as a character.

A character perhaps more rarely mentioned: Jenifer Garner's jawbones! They work overtime at making her temples bulge.

How many languages has S. Bristow spoken over the course of the show? I'm willing to suspend disbelief about all the near-misses and just-in-times, recognising the make of a gun by the click of its safety, etc. but speaking dozens of languages is a bit much. Speaking of which, the most unbelievable moment ever, for me, was when Bristow and Dixon infiltrate a military base in Kazakhstan or something, speaking Kazhak (or was it Russian?). I know we're all PC and everything, but come on: a Black guy you've never seen before, in that region's military, speaking the language? It's hard to imagine anything more suspicious.