Tuesday, September 14, 2004

i don't have time to wait for you to sign a contract, there's a world to be saved

While Flemish TV1 (a station that, thankfully, sub-titles rather than dubs) procrastinates on buying the latest season, newly-discovered Internet miracles and the ongoing eons of the potent nerdishness/generosity mix have delivered to me Alias Season 3. Yes, I know it's already over and done with in the US - leave me to my thrice-renewed bliss, as Sidney becomes ever more like her father, her father (eerily reminiscent of the freshly-captured Saddam Hussein when Sidney visits him in prison) becomes ever more like her mother, old bad guys get new haircuts and new bad guys get blasted.

Most astonishing image from Season 2: the Bristows in India, automatic-weapon-gunning-down Pakistani insurgents together, side-by-side, as a family. It was touching. A family that kills together, stays together.

Marshall remains my favourite character, though his move to the CIA seems to have dimished his role somewhat: 3 episodes in and no tech-op briefing replete with bad joke and embarassed-to-find-it-funny downwards-looking smile from Sidney? The Sloane-Marshall chemistry used to be beautiful (until the ugly kidnapping episode: "We're doing everything we can").