Monday, September 06, 2004

bop shorts

Charlie Parker's break on "Night in Tunisia" 28/03/1946
Like Neo dodging bullets. Minus the CGI. An opening to a new world. He didn't have to dodge bullets much longer, though, finding other, slow-motion, ways of doing himself in.

Thelonious Monk behind Kenny Hagood on "All The Things You Are" (for example) 1948
Under the cloak of invisibility (inaudibility?) proffered by Poncho, sends out weird noises to those in it for the vocals (not many, then), subversive coded messages to those in the know (not many then, what about now?) , auto-sabotage of commercial endeavours to the salesmen. [He was enamoured with the long, tight tumble down the keyboard, though, wasn't he? People forget how big a sentimentalist Monk was.]

Aside: Björk looking oddly like Catwoman on Medulla's cover. Perhaps the album to make me love (rather than intellectually like and only occasionally enjoy) her.