Tuesday, August 14, 2007

music: perhaps not the healing force of the universe

Man attacked for singing Coldplay in karaoke bar
The story is initially run-of-the-mill funny ("the woman reportedly exclaimed: 'Oh, no, not that song!... I can't stand that f*cking song!'. She then proceeded to beat the man with her fists and the microphone he was holding all the while continuing her tirade against him, the band and the song."), but gets disturbing: "Police were called. Undeterred, the woman continued her assault; headbutting an off-duty policewoman several times and forcing the call-out of both patrol officers and a special Gang Unit."

Bandwagons, snobs, networks and non-functional demand curves
Economics comes snappily to the rescue of "Is X dying?" musical debates (in this case, X = classical music, but it could be anything). [via Alex Ross]

Will the NY Phil go to North Korea?
If they do, would it be a bad idea to perform excerpts from Dr. Atomic?

Non-musical, but funny supplement:
Blind driver caught again
He didn't see that one coming. According to the police, "He was drunk. There were three people in the car with him giving him instructions."