Saturday, August 04, 2007

jazz and blogs #19

M-Base Blog
Steve Coleman blogging, baby! [via SoundSlope]

Holey Lint Out Two Alewife
Trumpeter Forbes Graham. He clearly understands why a musician should have a blog, and says why other might not be too happy to have him in their audience. Also, see mixed feelings on the European orchestra

Streams of Expression
Searching discussions (not just reviews) of concerts, albums, movies, poetry and more general musical topics.

Jazz Beyond Jazz
Howard Mandel.

Jazz, yeah, but: Jazz prescribes inclusivity not exclusivity, embrace of change rather than resistance to it. Jazz beyond jazz is the result -- conclusions reached after absorption of something new, realizations that are different, insistently innovative and illuminating, not a shadow of or reminiscence about the way things used to be.
And, reviewing a John Hammond, Jr. concert: "Real estate -- a subject as devastating as spurned love in NY blues"

Jazz Workshop
Michael J. West's new column for BlogCritics. See his two-part treatise "In Defense of Fusion." Is John MacLaughlin under-rated? Was Miles's '70s output "a muddy mess?" Is Zappa's "King Kong" better than Weather Report's "Birdland?" Is it true that jazz musicians and fans were "So convinced... that rock musicians could never compete with [them] that they wrote them off without having heard what they were doing," leaving to the best of jazz-rock unexplored?