Wednesday, August 29, 2007

duff boobs

And few grown-up fans — except for parents — were paying attention in 2002, when she released her first CD, a concept album loosely inspired by Saint Nicholas, the fourth-century bishop of Myra. (It was called “Santa Claus Lane.”)
There were a couple of duds, including “Gypsy Woman,” a funk-pop misfire that probably wouldn’t exist if the Romany community had a stronger political lobby.
- Kelefah Sanneh reviewing a Hillary Duff concert, in "Amid All the Cheers, a Few Signs of Change"
I'm not hearing gravity radiance there
- Anthony Braxton, in Zoilus, Braxton in Session: 'Go to F as in 'fox' - but not as in Fox News'
So help me figure out what to call the-style-formerly-known-as-minimalism. I'm tempted to suggest something arbitrary like Cogluotobusisletmesism, or Btfsplkism, some ungainly, difficult-to-parse term that the critics can't pronounce nor the public remember, so they won't appropriate it again and make it mean something else.
- Kyle Gann, Bowing to the Great God Usage
My boobs are okay
Go boobs!

- Lene Alexandra, "My Boobs Are OK"