Tuesday, August 28, 2007

jazz and blogs #21

Ned Goold
A saxophonist. Plays for Harry Connick, Jr. and records for Smalls, but probably doesn't sound like what you're expecting. Like his music, his blog drops surprises off-handedly. My favourite of quote is not the Biggie Smalls one, but: "Accompaniament to action in a brothel or a burlesque house cannot consist of strict diatonic harmony." With any luck, now that people know about his blog from this New York Magazine article, he'll start posting again.

The 5th Sharp
Trombonist Dave Gibson.

Writer Greg Burk. I've noted the critical metal-jazz connection before, now it's been spun it off into its own massive article, on the musicians' side, and is itself responded to and expanded upon. [via DownBeast]

Free Jazz
Mostly reviews of new free jazz albums. I find myself fascinated by the cover of the Tribute Allstars' Upate Miles Live in a post on Miles Davis tribute albums: the idea of a claymation Miles is oddly compelling. Another post on Myriam Alter's If and Nathalie Loriers's L'arbre pleure suggest that Stef is Belgian.

Philly Jazz
Sort of an internet TV station.

Heliocentric Worlds
Links to videos.

Classical supplement:
Nico Muhly
I saw him perform earlier this year. I've listened to his CD, which is very good. His blog is great: it's all chatty but dense, you know?