Thursday, January 25, 2007

jazz and blogs #13c: return to the new world

Back in the birthplace of jazz, trombonists are stirring.

A trombonist from San Francisco. Leader of Disappear Incompletely, which does electro-jazz Radiohead covers, perhaps explaining his interest in comparing the Mehldau and Bad Plus approaches.

The Spit Valve
Jeb Bishop has had time to create a blog and wipe it clean before I found out about it? I have only myself to blame, as I'd have found out about it earlier if I'd paid better attention to Scratch My Brain's blogroll. You can get the old posts on the RSS feed, or Bishop's liner notes about free improvisation on Rocketship.

Avant Front
Discussion of old and new avant-jazz albums and issues. Can't really agree with his Ed Blackwell/Charles Moffett comparaison, though. [via St. Louis Jazz Notes]