Thursday, January 25, 2007

jazz and blogs #13a: in all languages

A number of "jazz and blogs" posts back, I started to fear that the supply of blogs to list here would dry up, but that does not seem to be the case at all. In fact, I had to split up this edition into four parts, due to its sheer size.

Jazz may be a universal language, but you may not understand all of this part's multi-lingual pot-pourri.

Jazz@Volume 12
From Gent, Belgium. Kind of a Flemish version of me, but with infinitely better concert photos. Bruno went to over twice as many concerts in 2006 than I did... The link is to the "jazz" category, but there's a bunch of other stuff, too.
[via Tony Verstraete at the Courvoisier/Eskelin/Courtois gig]

euskir's txoko
From Euskadi (a.k.a. Basque Country) Argentina but often written in both Castellano Spanish and (often) English. I learnt that link is enlace, which is pretty poetic. For the hispanophones out there, there are links to several other spanish-language jazzblogs, such as...

From Argentina. Leads to a jazz-inspired painter, a 1967 video of Miles's quintet in Berlin and interesting thoughts on fusing and mixing from bassist Luciano Peralta.

Jazz Blogger
A jazz and photography blog in German.

Keep Swinging
From The Netherlands in English and Dutch. The concert log is an impressive construction, which starts on the first of October, nineteen-sixty-four! [via Off Minor]

The Chinese are famous (amongst other things) for rip-offs and bootlegs. Korean blog Hyongoo proudly upholds that tradition flaunts etiquette by baldly reproducing my posts (photos and all) and those of others. Most ironically, there's a Creative Commons license which allows sharing, but requests attribution...