Friday, January 19, 2007

jazz and blogs #12

My Thang
Christian McBride. The brilliant and touching article on working with James Brown is a must-read (but hurry, it'll be taken down on the 22nd). Contains the classic phrase "James Brown telling me that I 'ain’t nothing' would be the biggest compliment I could have ever gotten." [via Settled In Shipping]

Bottom Lining
An improvising bassist from England. See his brilliant rundown of 10 moments that characterise his free improvisation experience, as a performer and listener.

Perfect Sounds
Chris Monsen from Norway. His 2006 Top 10 list links to an all-Norwegian Top 10. As an insider, he's not too happy about it, but outsiders might find it useful as a quick primer. Chris also has a spin-off blog dedicated to grading his record collection. [via a Destination: Out comment]

So Anyway...
Saxophonist Brian Patneaude, who has already decided on his 2007 Top 10. Typo aside, it's an interesting contemporary jazz list which, apart from Dave Holland's Critical Mass, avoids the usual suspects.
[via Jazz & Blues Music Reviews]

Jazz (or Jass) has pages on everything, it seems, but I had never thought to check out their jazz content. John Matouk is doing a pretty good job. He's done a lot of list-making recently: Top 10 albums, tracks and "alternative jazz" of 2006.

Anthony Wilson
Guitarist, of Diana Krall fame among others. [via Song With Orange]

J.B.: Jazzitude Blog
New blog started by Jazzitude.