Thursday, January 25, 2007

jazz and blogs #13b: off the continent

Hispanophones, Germans, Dutch... Where are the British jazzbloggers? I don't have a single one on my blogroll, but there must be a few out there. Here are a few I've just found:

BBC Jazz Blog
Multi-authored. Oh-so-Britishly, it reports on George Shearing's knighthood and attempts to get Stan Tracy a lordship.

Babel blog
The Babel label houses some great groups. Polar Bear, Acoustic Ladyland and trumpeter Tom Arthurs's Centripede are the ones I know. Check out the forecasted 2007 UK jazz trends.

JazzWise Magazine MySpace blog
Excerpts from the magazine's feature articles.

Off Minor
CD and concert reviews, mostly.

Birmingham Jazz Blog
An extremely fledgling outgrowth of Birmingham Jazz.