Thursday, January 11, 2007

abyssally accelerated drunkitude

Jazz & Blues Music Reviews points to Big O Magazine's "Records Of Indeterminate Origin" section, which hosts bootleg concert recordings. J&BMR highlights two 1966 concerts in particular: Coltrane at Temple University and Rollins in Austria, which includes Freddie Hubbard's notorious outburst.

Much closer to the present day, Andre Cannière has posted an excellent January 7th gig on his website. Since his debut album As Of Yet (review), the already good band has become both looser and more vigorous and there are several rather fierce new tunes. "Lost In Translation" has me thinking that Andre has been taking notes during those Secret Society rehearsals. Guitarist Nate Radley replaces Ryan Ferreira and brings a more aggressive attitude.

Andre also covers high society jazz news in his October 2006 update: he informs us that Dave Douglas met Pat Metheny for the first time on the 3rd, introduced by Cuong Vu.