Friday, October 20, 2006

who's new?

I promise that positive posts (ie. not just reactions to something else) are coming soon. In the mean time:

Peter Breslin has added some lively comments to the Dave Douglas interview and the Ornette debate (officially declared a dead horse). Peter expands on the latter on his own blog.

In the comment, he also mentions "certified, laminated Jazz License"-holder Branford Marsalis. Parisian bassist Manuel Marchès recently went to see Marsalis and came away impressed but a little unsatisfied. He also opines (translation mine):

Ten years ago, when Branford's creative modernism was routinely contrasted with Wynton's classicism... I never understood what that meant, but now I know it was wrong and that the most classicist of the two is not who we thought it was. It should have been known since The Majesty of the Blues and Wynton's other neo-New Orleans septet albums, which are more innovative, in terms of form at least, than Branford's Trio Jeepy.
Branford's recent listening session does indeed seem to confirm (after a number of repertory albums) that Marsalis family reunions are a lot smoother than in the Sting days.

Note: the only Branford I have is Requiem, which I like.