Thursday, October 05, 2006


The be.jazz scene is slowly gathering under Rupert's banner. Here's a roundup. If you know of others, please add them in the comments.

On the keys and mallets:
Jef Neve (who recently signed to Universal Records. Maybe he'll be on Star Academy soon?)
Pascal Schumacher (luxemburgisch sounds like you're drunk)
Alexi Tuomarila ("Jazz / Death Metal / Regional Mexican")
Michel Bisceglia
Sabin Todorov
Eve Beuvens
Ewout Pierreux
Anne Wolf

On long strings:
Christophe Devisscher (already knows the way to Amarillo) and
Daniel Romeo (hot and funky)
Nic Thys
Yannick Peeters
Olivier Stalon
Manou Gallo (our Meshell)

On short strings:
Pierre Van Dormael (quite simply one of the greatest)
Benoist Eil's two bands: Animus Anima and Le sens du désordre
Quentin Dujardin
Cécile Broche (violin)
Karim Baggili (oud)
Giacomo Lariccia
Pierre Lognay

On vocals:
Kristen Cornwell (Australian blend)
Mélanie Di Biasio (slow and sultry)
Tutu Poane (South African import)
Kaat Hellings (a knotty sadness)
Anu Junnonen (Finnish import)

Winds 'n' things:
Rawfishboys, Red Rocket, Skakk Trio and le petit cirque (Joachim Badenhorst is bad, man)
Nicolas Kummert (big and smooth)
Toine Thys and Take The Duck (rocking and jazzing)
Bert Joris
Thomas Champagne
Erwin Vann
Robin Verheyen (Orval addict)
Toots Thielemans (hipper than you think)
Gilles Repond
Joe Higham
Antoine Praewerman
Steven Delannoye and Sammy's On The Bowery
Nicolas Dory
Erik Bogaerts

The drumming core:
Teun Verbruggen (thanks again for the lift home from the Octurn concert!) and RAT Recordings (look out for the upcoming Othin Spake album with Mauro Pawlowski)
Lionel Beuvens
Eric Thielemans
Lieven Venken
Stéphane Galland (known to wear an S on his chest)
Adrien Verderame

Slang (jazz-rock-ethno-Coltranien)
Collapse Quartet
The KMGs (funky soul power)
Uppotukki Orchestra
Monk By Four (gives an idea of the ambiance at De Hopper)
Wayne Shorter Tribute

Jazz Station
Jazz Break
A Jazz Experience Rijkevorsel
Jazz Olive

Jempi (mover, shaker and scribe)

Wheels of steel:
DJ Grazzhoppa

Reggie Washington (Reggie Washington!)
Jean-Luc Lehr