Tuesday, October 10, 2006

calorie free jazz

Destination: Out's A Beginner’s Guide to Free Jazz makes for an excellent playlist. The single element I love most about Sun Ra's "Angels And Demons At Play" (title aside) is the semi-random clacking sound. That kind of semi-randomness is fairly rare and quite disturbing. As is Patty Waters's Janet Leigh screaming on "Black Is The Color Of My True Love's Hair."

One comment calls the list dumbed-down. While I disagree with the tone, I can understand the sentiment. As free jazz, I'm not sure how well it works, as there is no "straight-ahead free jazz" like, say Ayler's Spiritual Unity (the first album that would still qualify as free jazz today?). However, as a primer to the wide variety of avant-garde jazz, it's great.

Check out the links in the post as well. Common Misconceptions About Free Jazz makes some good points.


DTM tells us about Jazz Diet Pepsi. Other consumer goods to have tapped into this ever-lucrative musical genre include the Honda Jazz and, perhaps, the Hyundai Getz.


visionsong leaks some details on the 1973-90 aftermath.