Sunday, October 01, 2006

more on super hearing

Steve Smith adds an erudite rejoinder to my superhero listening list:

Captain America may in fact be a square, but he's a Glenn Miller man through and through -- as one might expect of any American soldier frozen in an iceberg during World War Two. When he lightens up -- which is seldom -- he dances a wicked Lindy.

I should add that I'm not at all a real comics connaisseur and that many of the assertions (such as Superman being a terrible dancer, or Punisher's entry) are personal extrapolations. Spawn did sing "Stayin' Alive," though. A couple of faves that have me stumped:

Jesse Custer (from Preacher): What music could capture Garth Ennis's insane mix of violence, perversity, debauchery, vampires, mutilation, conspiracies and religion - and the cool, down-home intellect with which Custer takes it all in? Southern rock that that both loves and abhors the south might do it.

Cerebus: The evolution from slapstick Conan The Barbarian parody to political/religious intrigue to über-intellectual concepts (I'll admit that tedium got the better of me when Cerebus and Jaka were on the boat, everything referred to F. Scott Fitzgerald and every issue came with lengthy annotations) surely has few comic book parallels. And, anyway, what do libidinous aardvark super-warriors listen to?

Suggestions and further entries are most welcome.