Thursday, October 05, 2006

housing jazz, euro style

As the FNAC's music selection continues to sink into irrelevance through dwindling choice, others are filling the space.

The European Music House, located above the Sounds, is opening this saturday. Here's the press release:

European Music House | Official Opening | October 7th - 2006 - 3pm

Marc DANVAL & Miel VANATTENHOVE presenting (5pm)
Jos L.KNAEPEN PHOTOS | Exhibition
PROGRAMME presented by Pascal NOEL


A very relaxing place where you can listen to and buy Jazz, World and New Music CDs and DVDs.

Simultaneously, The E.M.H is an information, promotion and archives Center for European music represented in the E.M.H. philosophy.


The E.M.H will be open daily (except on Sundays) from 10am to 8pm.

This may exceptionally vary but will not be in competition with other Concert venues.


The E.M.H. will be located on 160M2 in Brussels, the capital of Europe, directly above the oldest Jazz Club in town : “The SOUNDS Jazz Club”.

This location will allow various activities to confirm the identity of the European Music House.


Arts exhibition - Films screenings – Conferences - Projects development - European relationship – Events - Music promotion


00 32 2 644 97 91
rue de la Tulipe, 28 (Sounds 1floor)
1050 Brussels