Wednesday, August 02, 2006


I would like to commend Mosaic Records. I ordered the Andrew Hill Select (my first Mosaic purchase - those big boxes are just too expensive) on tuesday morning (EST) and it was delivered friday just before noon (CET). Hard to beat that kind of service.

Unfortunately, I only got my hands on the set on monday: as no-one was home on friday it was deposited at a near-by gas station. Actually, it was with this precious package in hand that I met the emu.

Mosaic is releasing a second Hill Select in October, which I plan to order, along with the Grachan Moncur (even though I already have Destination Out!, I don't feel like waiting around for Blue Note to reissue One Step Beyond and who knows when - or even if - Moncur's own albums will ever come out again) and Don Pullen Selects. I'll start putting money in the piggy-bank today.

As for the set, from what I've heard so far (bits of all three CDs), it's all over the Hill-ian quality map: from breath-taking to messy. But it wouldn't be Andrew Hill if it wasn't like that, now would it?