Wednesday, August 02, 2006

jazz musicians on 9/11

J.B. Spins predictably disagrees with Mat Shipp's take on September 11, 2001, one of many in the lastest issue of Jazz Times. He quotes:

With the type of cold-blooded capitalism that is practiced in western uncivilization, terrorism is an inescapable consequence. This country cannot be involved in wholesale corporate imperialism like it is and not expect some type of blowback.
While I don't agree with such karmic explanations, I find Spins's own spin at least as fallacious:
What we are experiencing “blowback” for is the fact that we allow musicians like Shipp the freedom of artistic expression... We are experiencing “blowback” because we allow women like Joanne Brackeen to perform, teach students, and show her face in public, not veiled beneath a burqa. We are experiencing “blowback” because we let people worship as they please, or even live a completely secular life.
The Jazz Times website hasn't been updated yet, but as it's highly unlikely I'll be buying the issue, I was wondering if anyone could share more of what Shipp and others said.