Wednesday, August 23, 2006

nostalgia's always just around the corner

Punk rock may now be by the babies, for the parents, but I don't really care about punk rock. I do care about this:

The Care Bears [on Fire] —singer-guitarist Sophie Kasakove, 11, bassist-singer Lucio Westmoreland, 11, and drummer-singer Isadora “Izzy” Schappell-Spillman, 10, all classmates at Park Slope’s Berkeley Carroll School
That's where I went to first and second grades. Despite piano lessons and a futile attempt to count my father's LPs (I stopped after a few hundred) that was probably the seed of my collector-ism, I was never featured in a magazine of any description. By the time I was the CBoF's age, I was going to Masaï Mara rather than Fairway (whatever that is), so I don't feel too underpriveleged.