Wednesday, August 02, 2006

bring us your bored

Bassist Wanted, a comic strip about music - the bands, the gigs, the fans, the stores, the internet - is often very funny.

[via The Rambler]


I wonder if the saying "met the emu" could become a "jump the shark" knock-off. Less powerful, as it represents an incongruous encounter rather than a tipping point, but you never know. "That was the day I met the emu" sounds good to me.


Keith Jarrett shows no signs of slowing down the diva routine. Choice cuts for the French-deprived:

2001 demands:

no photographers, no smoke, no noise, no movement, no late-comers, no drinks, no cooking smells, no other bands, etc.
The usual. In 2006:
two class S Mercedes (one for him, one for his sidemen), free of tobacco smells and driven by professional chauffeurs. Keith Jarrett doesn't appreciate festival volunteers. He also excluded them from his concert, after having deprived them of a warm meal (still because of the kitchen odours).
And then, a dessert crisis: the one on the menu didn't suit him, so someone was dispatched to get a charlotte au chocolat from a local restaurant. This led to a 13 minute delay:
Nothing serious, except that [he] had demanded that all spectators be in their seats by 8:45, with the concert beginning at 9:00 (under a closed tent)...

...Volunteers armed with bagfuls of mineral water bottles went down the aisles (since the bars were closed) to rehydrate the suffocating audience.
You'll be unsurprised to learn that the writer didn't enjoy the concert.