Thursday, August 03, 2006

handy guides

TBP's 8 reasons why we love Hank Jones. I'm disappointed the original goal of 100 reasons was abandoned. I would have settled for 88.


I felt like posting this over at a certain favourite forum of mine, but that would break the code of conduct I put in place yesterday. Still, here's the executive summary:

How to Suppress Discussions of Racism

1. Control what your audience sees.
2. Attack the person, not the argument.
3. Argue against straw men.
4. Deflect attention away from the specific criticism.
5. Racism, however ugly, is better than the alternative.
6. Prove your opponent has mistaken some other quality for racism.
[via hip hop music dot com]


Just because you work for a daily newspaper, doesn't mean old news can't be offered up as novel insight:
The backdrop switches to an LED display, flashing with the words Buy It, Use it, Upgrade It... visually representing the intro to "Technologic". The audience erupts, but that's more down to Busta Rhymes sampling the intro on current single, "Touch It", rather than its status as a Daft Punk classic.

The LED switches to strip-lighting synchronised with the pounding beats of "Technologic", and it seems that Daft Punk are Kraftwerk's heirs apparent.