Thursday, April 13, 2006

sweeping away her troubles

22 songs that sample Herbie Hancock. A complete list could fill a small book, probably.


Caught Saul Williams's awesome Outkast meets TV On The Radio "List of Demands" on the radio recently, maybe two months after having first heard it. I was again mystified as to why I hadn't yet bought any of his albums.


One of the more ludicrous encounters of recent times. I was on a sidewalk waiting at a bus stop, as were two other young women, one of whom, remarkably Christina Aguilera-sized, was standing in front of someone's door. The inhabitants, an elderly couple, came up the street, shooed her aside and went inside. I didn't quite catch what the older woman said, but it didn't seem particularly kind.

Five minutes later, the woman came back out with a broom and started sweeping the doorstep, the window sill and the sidewalk. As she shoved the dust my way, I moved back to the edge of her house, I smiled at the two women, sharing their amused bemusement at such a mad display.


"It does that trick that I think bands know they need to do but always have a hard time with: you don't want to make music that sounds like your favorite bands, you want to make music that makes other people feel like your favorite music makes you feel."
- Clap Clap. I don't really get the used-car salesman story, but Eppy needs to keep on writing letters like this one.