Tuesday, April 04, 2006

the mysterious piano man

Weird development in the Petranich vs. Moran story after I posted it on Jazz Corner.

According to Sergio Zamora, Krey L. Jilca, the Oxford philosophy professor is no more than an anagram of Jack Reilly. In fact, a Google search returns incredibly few hits, apart from this tidbit:

"The Harmony of Bill Evans; FA: Jack Reilly; 78 Nautilus Street, Beachwood, NJ 08722; PH: 732-818-0840; FAX: 732-818-0840; EM: kreyljilca@hotmail.com; Jack Reilly, Dr. Krey L. Jilca; 8/1-4; AD, HS; TU: $350, RB: N/A; CP, I, PL, T."

I'm not exactly sure what that means.

It's a similar Google situation with alleged Italian "Author, Critic, Musician" Giovanni Petranich. The piece's translator, Sean O'Rathile, is equally suspect, notes Tom Storer: "Sean = John, for which the nickname is Jack, and O'Rathile, pronounced in Irish Gaelic, is close enough to 'O'Reilly'."

Finally, the original post seems to have been erased from Reilly's Sequenza 21 blog.

Weirdly, in his latest (and terribly-written) post, Reilly indirectly calls Moran an "innovator" and someone who "changed the face of Jazz."

Incredibly, Stephen M. Stroff, and thus his mind-boggling review of Reilly's 3 volume jazz course, seems to be real.


While the post itself is gone, the comments are still there. Reilly claims the philosopher exists (to be proven in 2008) and that he's related to Giovanni Petranich.