Wednesday, April 19, 2006

above a blue attitude

Dave Douglas chat transcript. I haven't listened to the "Blue Latitudes" radio broadcast yet, but will do so soon (haven't got much of a choice, since it's only up until friday...).

Douglas admits a scandalous hole in his musical knowledge, proving that there is still hope for 18 year olds who still haven't fully studied their Charlie Parker:
"I also made a decision to lead fewer projects after I turned forty... Also, I made a decision to go back and study several areas of music I thought I had missed. Counterpoint and by parallel process, Bach and before."

Something to look forward to:

"Higgins (Cleveland)
I'm mesmerized by Miles Davis Box Set Live at The Celler Door. Have you heard it? What are your impressions?

Dave Douglas
OK. That does it. I've been working on an essay about the Miles Davis Cellar Door box set. Now I'll have to finish it. And I will post it in the next few days."