Tuesday, April 04, 2006

an brin muzik pa zot'

Those interested in Caribbean Jazz, especially that of the French West Indies (Martinique, Guadeloupe), or in discovering a somewhat ignored branch of the African-Diaspora-meets-jazz tree, should check out the Music Metis store. Those I personally recommend are:

The two Franck Nicolas albums Jazz Ka Philosophy 2: Papillon Ka (based on Guadeloupe's gwo-ka rhythms and melodies. The trumpeter is backed by two hand drums and no drum kit, so the rich percussion can be heard in all it's glory. There is also some good electric bass, a little additional percussion and backing vocals on one track, but the hand drums and lack of kit are really the crucial elements. This is highlighted by the fact that the 7 tracks are repeated in a mix that removes the bass tracks, and are even better for it. FWIW, much more real gwo-ka-meets-jazz than David Murray's efforts. Brilliant album.) and Manioc Poésie (a more expanded and slightly less rootsy effort).

Mario Canonge Rhizome (Excellent acoustic, electric and eclectic album by a formidable pianist. From groovy to rhapsodic, features Roy Hargrove and Richard Bona in spots.)

Alain Jean-Marie That's What... (Solo piano. It's pretty much straight-ahead, though, not Caribbean Jazz. Jean-Marie is, of course, recognised as one of France's greatest pianists.)