Sunday, April 09, 2006

not everyone reads Kelefa Sanneh, you know

at least, not yet.


Condoleeza Rice: so much to love (the pianist), so much to hate (the politician).


"more than the box sets, more than the innumerable T-shirts and posters, a seven-inch statuette is the ultimate commodification"

Really? I know that this is the common point of view, but I don't agree. T-shirts are acceptable, but underwear isn't; mugs, maybe, statuettes equal sell-out. It's all the same to me. As soon as your selling "branded" stuff beyond your music, it makes no difference what it actually is, no one object represents commodification more than another. Of course, I'm all for poseable musical figurines.


BBB by me


the NY Times

"In the 1860's, thousands of former Gypsy slaves fled Romania for the American South, landing in mostly black neighborhoods. The brass music they brought with them, like that of all Balkan countries, can be traced to the Turks, the original band geeks."