Thursday, March 22, 2007

Parker on recording, Coin Coin blog, tasteless women

Soundslope has a very interesting excerpt from a William Parker interview, but something else caught my eye (emphasis mine):

I think ideally, if you were going to record in a studio, you'd rehearse there every day, and then, at the end of the week, possibly turn on some mics. It should be done the way rock albums are done, but the budgets for jazz recordings usually only allow for one or two days, while a rock group could take a month or much more. I mean, people make great CDs, and of course something comes out that's beautiful, but imagine what it would be like if these same guys had a chance to relax in the studio.

Matana Roberts announces a new, "temporary" blog about her Coin Coin project: Shadows of a People


Memorable sentences from the LCD Soundsystem guy: "I've been in bands since '82. I mean, I was in new-wave bands when new wave was a new wave;" "It seemed more reasonable and respectable to be a drummer; it's like being a rock plumber"


Let's face it: men just have better taste in music, right?