Sunday, March 18, 2007

musician questionnaire: nicolas kummert

Nicolas Kummert is a saxophonist who moved to Paris roughly a year ago. Guess which answer is tongue-in-cheek.

Jazz album: The Next Step, Kurt Rosenwinkel; Coltrane Sun ship, especially "Dearly Beloved." I love the tunes like "Alabma," where he just speaks through his horn.

Melody: "Canon à la septième," from Bach's Goldberg Variations. Question for Ethan: it's for three voices, so does it count as a melody?

Classical piece: "Art of the Fugue." Bach is the classical composer who most touches me.

Soundtrack: Saxo, with Archie Shepp. It's a French film I watched over and over when I was twelve and only playing classical saxophone.

A favourite drummer, and album: Brian Blade on Wayne Shorter's Beyond The Sound Barrier; Ed Blackwell with Ornette Coleman

Underrated practioner of your instrument: Mark Turner five years ago; Fabrizio Cassol, even in Belgium

Smash hit: "Let's Dance," David Bowie; Michael Jackson is a hit in and of himself; Stevie Wonder's "Golden Lady," the modulations at the end are great [rapturously sings them]

A pop/rock album that should have been a hit: David Bowie's recent albums.

Rhythmic feel: 12/8, or the African 6/8. I've worked with African musicians and I feel that many jazz musicians haven't really worked on it.

Harmonic language: Improvised counterpoint, harmony through melody and interaction. It's something that goes beyond the standard rules, which all the great musicians do.

Voice: I only hear one voice: God's.

A track you can't stop yourself from dancing to: "Yamore," Salif Keita with Cesaria Evora

Hidden Influence: Stevie Wonder, Natural Wonder