Wednesday, March 21, 2007

don't say it too loud... (postscript)

part one
part two

Settled In Shipping has a rejoinder that brings up several good questions.

Godoggo adds a comment about his Los Angeles observations.

In another comment, Primus Luta brings electronica into the picture.

Daniel Melnick points to another very interesting (aren't they all?) George Lewis essay: "Gittin' To Know Y'all: Improvised Music, Interculturalism, and the Racial Imagination."

On Darcy's post linking to my essay, commenter Andrea quotes and links to a Leroy Jenkins interview.

A little addendum about what I find most amusingly bizarre about "blipster" (Styledash has a link round-up and Rob Harvilla gleefully tore into the neologism). It implies that blacks can't be part of the mainstream of hipness, but hip, or hep, is originally an Afro-American term. So, if anything (and it should probably be nothing), we should be talking about whipsters (but that's probably too kinky-sounding and reminds me of a great line in Naked Lunch (emphasis and capitalisation in original): My Whippets Are Dying...). Or perhaps the snatching away of the term is a kind of hidden commentary on the supposed "whiting out" of rock? (Somehow I doubt it)