Saturday, March 31, 2007

DOS - 28/03/2007@Le comptoir des étoiles

Ann Eyserman - b
Ivo Sans - d
Clément Nourry - g

I last saw Clément perform a memorable solo concert during which he ranged from abrasive noise to sweet lyricism and smartly explored gently twisted forms of bebop, folk, blues, etc. I was surprised by how much sincerity he invested, regardless of style: there were no pastiches or send-ups, even though nothing was straight-ahead. So I was curious to see how this would work in a band setting. Unfortunately, I only got to see the first half-hour, which was more appetizer than main course.

A quiet classical solo piano recording played over the PA for several minutes before they went into a slow "Softy, As In A Morning Sunrise." I'm not sure of the relationship between the two, but it was rather odd, listening for an extended period of time to a CD at a concert taking place in a bar. That feeling - a slight oddness - pervaded much of the trio's music. Monk's "Pannonica" followed, and Clément's guitar tone obliquely recalled the composer's use of celeste on Brilliant Corners. The trio played loosely, but Ivo Sans's Blakey-like explosions somehow fit the ballad mood. A brief noise interlude led to Ann Eyserman playing a famous, child-like classical air (by Bach?), while Sans rumbled all around her. The last thing I heard was, apparently, a David Bowie cover. A cute, folksy melody was repeatedly tossed on the agitated seas of late-60s underground rock-style flare-ups.