Tuesday, November 28, 2006

semi-requiem pour un pas con

Samizdjazz, 26/11/2004 - 26/11/2006

Damien is a great writer and we will continue to be Citizen Jazz colleagues, but I preferred him as a blogger.

While I'm talking about other people's blogs, all or nearly all of the usual blogrolled suspects have been writing really interesting stuff. For the last month I've been totally buried in work (and then was immediately absorbed into the Braxton project), so I haven't been picking up or commenting on them much, but I've definitely been reading. I just wanted to send out a general salute.

Finally, some new Citizen Jazz articles:

Harry Miller's Isipingo - Which Way Now (Cuneiform)
Cuneiform continues to mine the London-South Africa axis with a new archival live recording. Good album, really nice mid-size band writing, but it suffers from a certain rigidity (in dynamics, systematic head-solos-head) and overly long tracks (the shortest is 14 minutes, the other three hover around 20) that make it a bit monotonous, despite its many qualities (the Tippett-Miller-Moholo rhythm section, for one).

Jason Moran - Artist In Residence (Blue Note)
Need I say more?

Not by me, but there's an interesting/provocative interview of bassist Rémi Vignolo. I hope to post about it some time soon (but don't hold your breath...).