Thursday, November 30, 2006

alea jacta est

what, no babes?

Believe the hype: Casino Royale is very good. Steve Smith breaks it down better than I could. We differ only in our appreciation of the title song: I didn't like it. I would also add that, while it's good that Bond's first mission isn't of save-the-world proportions, the villains lack personality and appear and disappear incomprehensibly. If you go see it, don't be late: the opening scene is amazing. Stylistically, it's almost alternate-universe Bond, like Superman drawn as a manga.

The real comedy came after the film, as IVN and I were walking back to the car. I was showing her a storefront window and walked into a lamp-post. As a lover of slap-stick comedy, that amused her immensely. It was when, a few steps later, my foot slipped off a ledge and I nearly tripped, that it all became too much and she literally howled with laughter for minutes afterwards.