Saturday, November 11, 2006

bring your own bag

[UPDATE: Speaking of Borat, Clap Clap is back!]

We went to see Borat last night. We missed the first few minutes because IVN and friend V, who came to see the film with us, spent 20-25 minutes attending to a guy in the theater's lobby who was having an epileptic fit of some sort. When the paramedics arrived, they (V and IVN) hooked the guy up to an IV drip and he was wheeled away. A doctor's work is never done.

There was more drama to come: shortly after we were finally seated, there was a problem with the reel and the showing was interrupted. When it eventually resumed, a part of the film had evidently been skipped, the picture had trouble aligning itself with the screen and for a long while, the upper-right hand corner of the picture was obscured. If that's the level of service one gets for 8.10 euros, it'll be hard to regret the disappearance of mulitplexes in favour of home cinema systems. Still, the room was packed and the laughter uproarious.

I first saw Ali G when it was the best part of the Eleven O'Clock Show. To see that it has come to this is hugely satisfying.