Wednesday, November 08, 2006

jazz et blogs #10: édition francophone

A francophone edition. Of course, many French-language blogs (and some in Portuguese or Italian) have been listed or blogrolled before.

Sound of jazz
Vincent Bessières writes for JazzMan magazine, but don't hold that against him. Check out a lovely post on Magali Souriau, or a ferocious one taking down old, out-of-touch critics.

Manuel Marchès
A Parisian bassist, short posts on how "even mediocre jazz singers tend to make the band sound better", the terrifying haircuts worn by the All-Blacks and the occasional YouTube'd video (Phineas Newborn roaring through "Oleo," face totally impassive but what an amazing sound and touch; the extraordinary Raul Midón on Letterman).

Bien Culturel
Lots of classical, but some jazz too, see the post on up 'n' comer Yaron Herman. Also has several web radios.

Concerts and CDs, but also some nice Myanmar photos.

Akcentuate the positive
Some nice historical posts, notably one that includes Art Tatum's thrilling "Tiger Rag."