Wednesday, July 26, 2006

ready ornette

After The Roots, something else to look forward to: Ornette Coleman's Sound Grammar. After all the ecstatic live reviews of his two-bass band, apparently the album doesn't disappoint. Phil Freeman says:

his new album is just as brilliant and beautiful as you're hoping it will be. It's live from last year, with the two-bass band he's been traveling with since '03,'s hard to describe just how fucking awesome it is. It's called Sound Grammar, it comes out on 9/12, and if you don't buy it, there's no excuse you can offer - I just don't want to be your friend anymore.
There's some more info in a USA Today blurb:
"Sound Grammar is to music what letters are to language," says Coleman, 76, who is launching his own Sound Grammar label with this release. "There are only 12 notes, but they are used by everyone to compose and sing."

The album showcases eight Coleman compositions, including a remake of Song X, the title of a 1985 album, and Turnaround, from 1959's Tomorrow Is the Question.

"What is unique about this record is that the melody and the playing are all equal in relationship to ideas," he says.
Coleman's current publicity boiler-plate is here. Looking up those Coleman quotes, I found a possible, but probably remote, reason why TBP have been hanging out with Ornette lately: they have the same publicist