Monday, July 31, 2006

emu sick

[The following is a true story, despite the annoying and hopefully temporary lack of photographic evidence]

Early this evening, I was walking a dog down a street I don't walk down very often, and happened to glance into someone's yard. I stopped. An emu walked over. Is it legal to have an emu as a pet? I stepped back, worried it might peck my eyes out or that the dog might attack the big bird.

The emu and I stood for a while, contemplating each other. The dog sat, but was equally attentive. As the few cars to go down this street passed by, I semi-attempted to draw the drivers' attention to the emu. "Have you seen this?!?!"

The emu, who was quite still the entire time, seemed a fairly amiable and non-aggressive fellow. As I walked away, it followed me on its side of the fence. A dog started barking, in the same yard. Apparently dogs and emus can cohabit.