Thursday, July 20, 2006

lots of echo in here

I'm know you've heard "Crazy" enough to last you several lifetimes, but have you heard the spaghetti western tune that spawned it?

I'm fairly certain you've watched the ultra-slow airline version, but have you seen the slightly faster, low budget bathrobe version? Or the fast, high budget Star Wars version?

It may now seem that Gnarls Barkley (cool website) is its own ultimate cover band, but there are other contenders: Ray Lamontagne in the keep-only-the-melody-and-strum-along category; Nelly Furtado's is a Euro 2004 throwback, rather than a 2006 Timbaland-fueled model.

Exhausted? Confused and wondering where the substance of "Crazy" really lies? Put all that aside and check out the time-travelling video for Smiley Faces.