Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Rap about me! Rap about me!

I tend to reserve my comments on other people's blogging for their comments boxes and the last time I engaged in inter-blog commenting it wasn't very well received... However, Simon Reynolds doesn't have a comments box and I found this really odd:

Mean to say, I must have written many thousands of words on Dizzee by this point, you'd think he might at least devote 16 bars to the subject of me! Luka, there should be a fucking MICRO-GENRE of grime lyrics about him.

At first I thought he must be joking (especially as above he talks of the reality check of the weekly sitemaster [sic] report), but what follows reveals that he was straight-faced. I think. Maybe the joke is more elaborate than my puny mind can wrap itself around?

Sure, Count Basie wrote "Panassié Stomp" way back in the day and it's cool to be able to hobnob and whatnot with the musicians we slobber over, but for the journalist to actively seek to be recognised in music by the people written about strikes me as really unhealthy. Not to mention embarassing (well, I would feel embarassed). Again, maybe Simon was joking.

It's a bit unfortunate that the first time I mention the venerable blissblog is to put it down, as its a blog I read and enjoy regularly.

Note: "glocal" isn't that new. I don't know its exact birthdate, but I'd guess early '90s. It does sound and look horrible, though.