Thursday, March 25, 2004

One Final Toot

Lotz Of Music - Pum'kin Diaries: review up at One Final Note. The estimable Nate Dorward e-mailed me the following tidbit:

I'm sure there are variants, but the version of a "glass organ" I'm familiar with offers a series of rotating glass discs, moistened with water, so that the performer can touch them to release their sound.

It's weird, I only get to review really obscure stuff for OFN (apart from the Pilc and the upcoming Frahm/Mehldau review, I guess. Although, Pilc might be obscure in the US.). The next 4 I have to do are pretty obscure as well. Which doesn't include the 4-in-1 review/profile I'm doing of Smalls Records, as I have no idea of their notoriety, as they're a nascent label. It's going to be a busy month.